Star Fish

the book Star Fish

Star Fish by Lisa Fipps

I don’t often pick up Middle Grade books, but I made an exception for this because I have seen this title show up in multiple places, always being raved about. Since you are reading about it here, you can assume that I enjoyed it!

The Premise: Elle is a fat kid. She has been picked on by her siblings and friends and even fat-shamed by her mother. Elle does her best to protect herself, which means identifying and living by the fat girl rules (such as don’t eat in public and don’t move in any way that makes your fat jiggle).

I think most kids (girls especially) can relate to some sort of body shaming during their lives (too fat, too skinny, flat chest, large chest, too weak, etc). This make it real easy to put yourself in her shoes and imagine what this little girl suffers through.

However, rather than being depressing, there is so much positivity and hope. Elle is lucky to have a supportive dad, a good therapist and friend next door to help her realize her worth.

This is another great one for book club. It’s a very fast read (I loved it in audio) and gives you so much to talk about!

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