Daisy Jones & The Six







Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I am so late to the game on this one!  I have owned this book for over 2 years.  I bought it because I was hearing lots of buzz about it, but I was just never in the mood to pick it up.  Yesterday I did…and today I’m finished. That says it all, I think.

The Premise: The book starts with the fictional author’s notes from the author of the book within this book.  It is the compilation of interviews and opinions that the “author’ has collected during her research.  It begins with 2 story lines.  We meet the musicians who eventually come together and call themselves The Six and we meet young and wild Daisy Jones as she struts herself around L.A.

Eventually these two paths cross and Daisy Jones & The Six is born.  This story is written to feel so real.  There were several times I questioned if maybe Daisy Jones & The Six was an actual band (it’s not). Taylor Jenkins Reid makes us fall in love with all the characters, but Daisy and the bands unofficial leader, Billy, are the focal points.  They are both passionate artists with substance abuse issues, so it is no surprise there is a strong love-hate vibe and lots of band drama.

The story is strong, believable and very Fleetwood Mac-ish.  I suspect that is where some of the inspiration for this book came from.

I went back and forth between the physical book and the audio and I would suggest that method.  There are so many characters to keep straight and the physical book helps with that. But, the audio version was a full cast recording and it’s worth listening to just to hear Daisy Jones speak; she has a delicious gravelly voice that just screams rock star!

If you have somehow also missed out on this one, don’t wait any longer!  This book should not be missed.

Buy it HERE

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Enjoy and Rock-On!!!!


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