The Violin Conspiracy

The Violin Conspiracy by Brendon Slocumb

Did I expect to love a book about a concert violinist?  No.  I picked up this book only because it was the January pick for the online book club I belong too.  I knew almost nothing about it.

The Premise: Ray McMillian is a young black man and violinist. His family is poor and he is constantly pushed by his mother to give up “making noise”, quit high school, get his GED and start working in the hospital cafeteria to help support his family.  Ray is determined to continue on the musical path.  With the support of his grandmother and then his violin teacher, he is able to succeed.

The ‘conspiracy’ part of the story centers on a violin that Ray is gifted, which is then stolen.  As a matter of fact, the book begins with the theft, and then the switches back in time to fill us in on what happened.  (I love a book with a non-linear timeline)

The Violin Conspiracy is filled with racism, hope, love, passion, hard work and so much more.  I found this to be an inspiring read as well as a page-turning story.

Get your copy HERE.

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