Book #100

Last year I started tracking the books I read.  This year I took it a little more seriously. As I was just reviewing my spreadsheet (nerd alert) I noticed that I will soon be starting my 100th book of 2019.  What book should hold such a milestone spot???? I feel the 100th book of the... Continue Reading →

Fall TBR List

My Fall TBR List I am a seasonal reader for sure.  As we roll into Autumn, I can’t help but crave books about school, books set in fall, creepy books, etc.  It’s time to let the light summer reads go and dive into something a little darker. What books am I thinking about reading this... Continue Reading →

Books Need a Vacation Too

Packing for Italy I’m going on vacation soon.  I’m starting to pack and I’m struggling.  Not with my clothes; but as you might guess, it’s books that are causing me grief. As any avid reader can imagine, my biggest struggle is trying to choose what books to bring with me!! I’m going to be touring... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading

Summer and reading go hand & hand. I love getting up early on the weekend and enjoying my coffee outside, with a good book in my hand. Or, sitting in the sun, drinking a cold beer, reading a book. Or, coming home from work and enjoying a glass of wine, with a book. Or, hanging... Continue Reading →


In the bookish world, TBR stands for ‘To Be Read’.  Many of us (avid readers), have some version of a TBR List, and they come in all shapes and sizes, such as: A stack of 2-3 books on your bedside stand.Your hold list at the local library.A special book shelf filled with books you’ve picked... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Cocktails In The Library.  My name is Tracy and I love books. Wow, that sounds like a support group introduction.  I suppose I could use a good support group (wait, I have one, it’s called Book Club)!!!  So yes, I really enjoy books.  One might even use the word obsessed. When I say... Continue Reading →

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